Custom Upholstery

In addition to the standard grade upholstery selection, customers may provide their own upholstery to get precisely the desired aesthetic.

Customer’s Own Material, COM

Some COM fabrics may require special handling and cutting, and in some cases require more yardage than shown in the price list. Submit cuttings of COM fabrics with order to determine actual yardage requirement.

The company reserves the right to refuse COM orders, or process without responsibility in cases where fabric is not suitable because of pattern, weight, width, stretch, etc. The fabrics are unusable unless laminated or backed (upcharge required). We assume no responsibility for wearability of COM fabrics. They are applied totally at the customer’s own risk.

Materials Ship To:

5075 Edison Avenue
Chino, CA

Materials Tag Info:

Customer Name
Total Yardage Shipped
Pattern & Color Identification
Customer PO#

COM Upholstery Calculations*

Solid Color, No Matching54” WideStd Yardage
 48” Wideadd 25% to Std Yardage
 36” Wideadd 75% to Std Yardage
Stripes, Plaids, or Matching Repeats54” Wideadd 35% to Std Yardage
 48” Wideadd 60% to Std Yardage
 36” Wideadd 75% to Std Yardage
Vinylized FabricStandard 
Two Upholsteries in CombinationVerify Yardage with Darafeev
Contrasting Welts on COMVerify Yardage with Darafeev


COL Leather Calculations 

Leather is sold by the hide and priced by the square foot. Required yardage is found in price list for each bar stool or chair.

18 sq. foot leather = 1 yard of 54” wide fabric*

Fabric Cut Yardage or Leather Hide Pricing

Cut yardage is available when placed with a furniture order. Please call for pricing and availability. Leather is sold by the hide only – call for current pricing.


Marking reversible fabric

Mark patterned or striped fabric to indicate the face side. Specify direction of stripe (vertical or horizontal).


*Estimates only. Darafeev is not responsible for customer material shortages, material quality, or yield of upholstery or leather hides