Custom Wood Finishing

We may need a color sample if trying to match previously sold furniture since exposure of all wood finishes to Ultra Violet light will cause darkening, fading and / or discoloration. Wood finishes will also vary according to natural wood grain patterns. All natural characteristics of wood, including mineral streaks, cannot be totally avoided. These natural characteristics are not considered a flaw or a defect and cannot be returnable as such. Every effort is made, especially on natural or light finishes to select around these natural blemishes however, it is not 100% assured.


COF (Customer’s Own Finish)

Please allow a minimum of 10 days plus the time it takes to ship the stain sample back for approval. We require a customer provided sample at least 6” x 6” preferably on the same wood species being considered. We will then professionally match the sample using our own quality materials and assign the Category type for upcharge pricing and mixing charge. Once the finish sample is approved, the backside of the sample must be signed, photo-copied and faxed back to our office. We retain a duplicate sample with the required formula so that we may begin production once we receive signed or written approval. Some finishes can be very complex and may require additional time for trial and error to create a satisfactory match. Rates for custom finishes vary because finishes can range from very basic (simple wiping stain) to a multi-stepped process. A quote will be provided with sample.


Category 1 Finish +5% upcharge
1 Step Wiping Stain

Category 2 Finish +10% upcharge
Washcoat / Wiping Stain

Category 3 Finish +20% upcharge
Washcoat / Wiping Stain / Shading / Spatter

Category 4 Finish +25% upcharge
Washcoat / Wiping Stain / Shading and/or Watermarks, Cowtailing,
Crayon Distress, Dry Brush, Spatter, Padding


Costing Finish Upgrade

Upcharge pricing is based upon the base cost of each item. Finish upcharges do not apply to upgrades. All approved custom finished products are non-returnable.


Lead time / Strike-Off of Sample

Please allow 3 weeks for color match. We will send a “strike-off” of the sample to you via UPS for approval. If acceptable, you can sign off on back of sample and fax back approval to us.


Note: Natural finishes require a signed Natural Stain Waiver, available for download at