Our Environmental Values:

Our Environment, Where We Live, Where We Work and the Products We Sell

Darafeev has a long history of commitment to preserving and protecting our vital natural resources and protecting the environment that we work and live in. The Company takes pride in its focus on responsible manufacturing and recycling through many programs and activities throughout our Company. We are focused on producing our products with environmentally sensitive materials, eliminating the waste of materials and energy, while creating a safe and clean environment for our workforce and communities in which we are located.

Mikhail Darafeev Inc. is the only furniture manufacturer that currently employs the use of an ENVIRONMENTAL CATALYTIC RECUPERATIVE OXIDIZER SYSTEM which removes harmful V.O.C.’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are scientifically known to cause dangerous environmental erosions to the Ozone layer.

The investment and cost to our Chino, CA. facility was considered necessary for not only allowing Mikhail Darafeev to use the finest quality materials for the protection, enhancement and long lasting beauty in out game room furniture, but also necessary in helping to reduce the International problem concerning V.O.C. damage to the Ozone Layer.