The Nature of Wood

Since wood is a product of nature, slight color tone variation may be evident due to woods many unique characteristics, especially when viewed under various lighting conditions. Many of our unique, carefully selected finishes are achieved by our top craftsmen who meticulously sand, stain, pad, rub, file, rasp, shade, highlight and wormhole to represent an individually produced piece. Therefore, since wood varies in acceptance of wood stains, so do the hands of our craftsmen vary in their touch making each piece unique in the finished appearance. When possible, it is advised to submit a wood sample when attempting to match previously made furniture, which may have been altered by cleaning agents, or darkened with age.

Sustainabile Material

Wood is the most available and sustainable material, with six trees are planted for every one harvested in the US. Nearly almost 4.8 million trees are planted each day, or 1.7 billion annually. Since the 1940s, forest growth has exceeded harvest, and today it does so by 47 percent. The supply of hardwood trees would last more than 75 years if not a single new tree was planted, and harvesting continued at the same rate. Wood products come from a living, regenerating resource, ensured to future generations through responsible forestry practices.*

Wood Care Instructions

Use a clean, soft cloth for polishing wood finish and a slightly damp cloth for cleaning. Avoid using waxes or polishes as they alter the look, feel and sheen of finish.